03 Jun, 20

Curious about making the switch from an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle? Shopping for an EV can seem intimidating. Learn about Battery Electric Vehicle maintenance and the benefits of owning a zero emissions vehicle. In honor of electric vehicles and their wonderful qualities, we’re sharing all you should know about EV ownership.

Did you know that a new study found the lifetime carbon emissions of EVs is much lower than previously expected? That’s great news if you’re about purchasing an EV to contribute to cleaner air. Since EV engines don’t rely on a system of moving gears, they are able to generate more torque than gas-powered vehicles. Expect instant acceleration with power coming from the battery going directly to the wheels.

The decision between new or used is the next big choice every car buyer makes, even when it comes to EV buying. As with ICE vehicles, there are several pros and cons. Your rupee goes further with an EV. And as with most used cars, you’ll pay far less on a used EV than a new model.The battery on most vehicles likely has its own separate warranty that lasts longer than the car’s warranty. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, most car makers offer plans that last eight years (sometimes more). And the maintenance costs on electric cars are far less than ICE vehicles.

When you do decide to buy an EV, there are few things to keep in mind. For obvious reasons, you can’t get too far if you haven’t charged your battery enough. Additionally, leaving your EV with little to no charge for too long causes the battery to wear down. Fortunately, Mooving has a battery swapping station network that is spread across India. We offer hassle free battery swapping for your convenience so that you can contribute to a cleaner planet without any sacrifices.

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