11 Jul, 22

Making the choice to drive electric is one way you’re helping reduce your carbon footprint. Every switch to an EV makes a difference.While 71% of consumers would consider buying an EV in the near future, many drivers have some concerns that are holding them back. Namely, cost and convenience. These concerns are valid. Why buy a more expensive car that’s only going to be more of a hassle to operate? The pros of owning an EV vastly outweigh the cons, especially if you are the kind of person who cares about the environment.

Sure, the price tag of a new EV is higher on average than that of a gas-powered vehicle. However, there are several financial considerations aside from the cost to purchase that actually

make EVs the more affordable option. If your main concern is convenience, you might be surprised to find out that EVs are not actually much more of a hassle to own than gas-powered vehicles. With Mooving’s widespread battery swapping station network, you can charge your battery on-the-go without having to worry about finding a place to find the station.

Most people who drive use gas-powered vehicles, and the high volume of carbon emissions generated is significantly damaging the planet. Switching to an EV is the environmentally-conscious choice. If you think that one person switching to an EV won’t make a difference, think again. Every time someone does something selfless for the environment, it causes a ripple effect and encourages someone else to be better, too.

We believe that EVs are the right choice for people who care about the environment. This is, after all, the only planet we have.


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    November 11, 2022

    With the increase in pollution and air quality getting severely damages, Electric vehicles are the next best thing to happen. What Mooving Smart is doing is commendable as they are not only educating the people about the electric vehicle benefit, they are actually bringing a change in the environment and making more and more people accustomed to it.


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