11 Jul, 22

If you’ve never owned an electric vehicle (EV) before, there may be a few fears that you might have about being out on the road — the most common of which is range anxiety.

Range anxiety, or a person’s fear of running out of power while driving an EV, is one of the top reasons why many drivers are deterred from making the switch to electric. In fact, in a study done by Volvo in 2019, 58% of drivers cited “running out of power” as the main barrier to purchasing an EV. This, combined with the secondary result of 49% of drivers concerned by “low availability of charging stations,” results in a lot of potential curious, yet cautious drivers.

As an added bonus, a recent survey by Green Car Reports found that among EV owners, 95% had never run out of range while driving. Furthermore, 77% no longer became concerned about it after their purchase. This all probably has to do with the number of safeguards an EV has before running out of battery. 

With all the stats that point towards drivers facing problems with the range of an EV, let’s see what actually happens when your EV battery runs out.

EVs don’t just suddenly shut down like a gas vehicle might. As your battery gets closer and closer to hitting zero, your vehicle will bombard you with warning messages persuading you to go to the nearest EV charging station. Modern EVs usually give you a good estimate of how far it can go on its remaining power.

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